Getting wet is just part of the job

Your spouse may be the gator, but the rules still apply

‘Gator’s Union Rules'

  1. All navigators have equal or greater status than drivers and are to be considered part of a team rather than a bag of ‘SAND’.
  2. At the pre vet check, drivers must show their horses. The navigators may hold extra horses or ponies.
  3. Navigators do NOT clean harness or vehicles, however, they ‘may’ assist in brushing horses.
  4. The navigator does not need to memorize hazards..that’s the “DRIVERS job”, but may track km or time on course if they have the time. They are not required, however, to walk any part of the course.
  5. The navigator is responsible only for the back two wheels of a four wheel vehicle. In a two wheel vehicle, the navigator merely accompanies the driver and leans when they do.
  6. Drivers may NEVER hit a navigator with the whip; either on purpose or by accident.
  7. At an event, members may meet and select an ‘event shop steward’ to represent and stand with them should a driver prove difficult.
  8. Navigators must be paid. This can be a hug, drink, meal, cash or even a heartfelt thank you!
  9. Refreshments must be offered to navigators on a regular basis.

Amendment #1
As there are some Gator Union members that are also drivers, their membership privileges, obviously, must be curtailed somewhat. They do not have any voting rights, nor can they serve as an event shop steward.

Amendment #2
As navigators are an especially independent and capable lot, it is to be noted that all the above rules are only to protect them from over use and abuse. Any navigator may certainly do any of the above described functions should they wish and an equitable arrangement has been worked out between them and their driver.

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